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Streaming Inside the factory?

flow fate indicator

The control unit featured on the program was a F012 flowrate totaliser giving both a total measurement and flowrate


If you’re a fan of BBC’s programme inside the factory and watched their latest episode “Liqueurs” you not only would of found out about how to create and age whiskey but also have noticed a cameo appearance from some Stream measurement meters!

Explaining the process of producing Baileys Cream at the Diageo factory in Dublin show host Gregg Wallace is speaking to the Distillery manager in the casking section of the process, talking about how whiskey gets its colour. The pumps used are attached to a stream batch control system with our F 012 flowrate totaliser which can show total flow and flowrate (which is actually connected to our Unipulse flowmeter) showing them and viewers how it is measuring how much is going in whilst discussing barrel filling.

The Stream unipulse range

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Fast O2xygen solution for local hospital

Customer Issue

Stream were recently approached by the engineer at a local NHS hospital in Lancashire to assist with a turbine meter on their Oxygen line found not working correctly. The meter is required to monitor the critical Oxygen line into the hospital which is now measuring increased volume due to the current circumstances.

ST/GX Stainless Steel Turbine Meter - For Gas & Air Measurement

A GX turbine meter, suitable for gas and air measurement

Our solution

Arnold Ellershaw, ones of Stream’s engineers, managed the process – organising the logistics to bring the faulty unit to Stream’s workshop in Oldham, Lancashire, whilst organising the manufacture of a replacement flow sensor that could be used with the customers’ existing remote display after finding the problem to be with the meter.

Due to the urgent nature of the work, and the flowmeters critical performance within the hospital, manufacture of the new ST/GX Turbine flowmeter was completed within three days, which included the re-configuration of the display, calibration and delivery back to the customer.

Once installed one of Stream’s field service engineers visited the hospital to undertake the system commissioning and to ensure the system was functioning correctly.


Understanding the vital nature of the works and through their flowmeter expertise, Stream’s engineers identified the customers problem quickly and ensured the oxygen line flowmeter was functioning within 72 hours of speaking to the customer to having the replacement meter onsite. Stream will continue to support the customer with any ongoing needs that arise from this solution.

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Meter Calibration onboard at Invergordon Port

show meter to be calibrated

The meter inside the ship

Customer Issue

A northern port service company contacted Stream measurement for a job on a 4” Oval FU-II fuel mechanical meter in-situ testing and potential meter calibration on the supply line to tank in the Geoquip Saentis Drilling ship, that was docked in Invergordon port.

The job was a request by their customer in Mexico where the ship was planned to sail in 6 days time from the request for work, requiring a quick turnaround in response time to avoid delays.


Our solution

Master Meter for calibration on site

Stream Master Meter getting lifted onboard for testing

We were able to have our service engineer arrive onsite before the departure date and meet with the Chief engineer to plan the job, the customer requested a one point test repeating 3 times for a repeatability check using our Master Meter (RM1) that is specified for oil measurement which was driven up in our service van and then lifted on board via crane to access the meter.

The chief engineer selected a test point into the pipework up and downstream from the meter using our 4″ to 2″ reduction flanges to divert the flow from the meter to the RM1, then back to the storage tank.


After testing it was found that the Meter was within the customers tolerance levels of +/- 1%, and no further adjustment was required. After the meter calibration check had been completed Stream were able to provide a calibration certificate to the customer. This allowed the smooth departure of the vessel without delay on its way to it’s next destination in Mexico.



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