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Raising Spirits…

Recently, Stream worked with a well respected artisan Gin producer who was looking for a solution to measuring the volume of spirit being added to their unique selection of Gins.

We were of course more than up for the task, even if a free bottle wasn’t on the cards! Our flow meter experts set to work by combining the Unipulse UP200M flow meter with a battery powered F012 flow rate indicator and totaliser. This ultimately provided the portable flow meter solution our customer was looking for.

The Products…

unipulse flow meter
The Unipulse UP200M is a compact metering solution which offers a very high output resolution to ensure exceptional batch repeatability – critical for high quality recipe mixes like this one.

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flow fate indicator
The F012 Flow Rate Indicator and Totaliser has a wide selection of options that enhances the model’s capabilities. The flexibility in being able to display the actual, total and accumulated total flow rate made it an ideal fit for this application.

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Why Choose Us?…

Our customer, while choosing us for their project, found that our combination of application knowledge and technical expertise particularly persuasive when making their decision. These qualities are of course what makes Stream Measurement the UK’s leading flowmeter provider.

So why not get in touch today?

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