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Calibration Service Ensures Production Accuracy

Accuracy of your installed flowmeter is only part your true system accuracy – in 80% of cases the inaccuracy of flowmeters are due to installation effects such as disturbances from valves, lacking straight pipe-lengths. Stream Measurement calibration services account for that – ensuring nothing within the pipe is effecting the meter accuracy.

Stream Measurement provide a unique on-site service to our customers that offers true in-situ flowmeter testing – saving the need for removing the flowmeter from its installation and saving cost.

Most competitors would either carryout electronic verification of the flowmeter – which just checks for electronic drift within the instrument, not taking into account any installation effects. Other calibration companies remove the flowmeter from its pipe, checking this on water without taking into account any effects from the installation that could affect the meters accuracy.

Since our service involves keeping the flowmeter in its pipe – diverting the application fluid through our test equipment and either back into the application of to a collecting vessel. This means not only the flowmeter is checked for accuracy, but also the entire installation – ensuring nothing within the pipe is effecting the meter accuracy. This also saves the customer the cost of removing the flowmeter and the works can be undertaken whilst the customer continues production.

Stream’s in-situ flowmeter test can also be undertaken between customers production runs, or even during a production run – also saving downtime and lost productivity.

Stream’s test equipment is fully certified, ensuring full verification traceability and known uncertainties, whilst our equipment is suitable for use within safe and hazardous areas.

Why Choose Us?…

With over 90 years of flowmeter heritage, Stream’s calibration engineers are true experts in their field and can advise on the correct flowmeter installation, system improvements and ways to improve accuracy.

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