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Fiscally Certified Calibration from the Meter Experts

The success of gas consumption monitoring relies on the accuracy of the gas meter – the key element of your system.

Stream Measurement own one of only three fiscally certified gas meter test facilities in the UK which provides our customers with a low cost, quick return calibration service to verify the accuracy of any manufacturers gas meter.

Using state of the art control to maintain consistently accurate test data, Stream’s calibration facility ensures the highest level of calibration from a company that really understand flow meters.

Formerly part of the Schlumberger group, with have a number of high accuracy test rigs to verify gas meters from sizes 20mm to 400mm.

Previously a service offered only to our gas Utility customers for fiscal verification – the facility is now available to all of our customers – and is provides an ideal facility to maintain compliance with CHPQA.

With over 90 years of flowmeter heritage, Stream’s calibration engineers are true experts in their field and can undertake gas meters repairs whilst providing a range of consultancy services.

  • True flowmeter experts with 90 years of meter heritage
  • Fiscally certified services – fully traceable
  • Gas meter sizes 20mm to 400mm – any meter technology
  • Return to factory service

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Why Choose Us?…

Our customer, while choosing us for their project, found that our combination of application knowledge and technical expertise particularly persuasive when making their decision. These qualities are of course what makes Stream Measurement the UK’s leading flowmeter provider.

So why not get in touch today?

0161 622 0777 | sales@stream-measurement.co.uk

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