ABB Steam Flowmeter
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Steam flowmeter that requires virtually no straight pipe

Introducing the new generation of Smart Steam Meter that enables the measurement of steam volume, Mass and Steam Energy – without the need for any additional flow computer.

Uniquely manufactured by ABB and available from Stream Measurement, the FSS450 Swirl flowmeter can be installed with the shortest of pipework due to its immunity to flow disturbances – enabling significant installation cost savings, whilst also offering lower pressure drops than other steam flowmeters.

Typically, Vortex flowmeters require a minimum of 15D upstream and 10D downstream – not so with the FSS450 Swirl which requires lengths as short as 3D upstream and 2D downstream.

With inbuilt intelligence, the FSS450 enables a single instrument to provide and monitor all the parameters required to fully comply with the RHI requirement – including Steam Volume, Mass and Energy – previously this could only be achieved by purchasing a flowmeter and steam mass flow computer.

  • RHI & CHP QA Compliant
  • Volume, Mass and Energy Measurement
  • Steam temperatures up to 450degC
  • Inbuilt Steam Tables and Temperature Sensor – no additional instruments required
  • Special Sensor design – resilient to pipe noise
  • Integrated 4-20mA + Pulse + Hart communications
  • NAMUR Diagnostics
  • Supplied pre-configured for your application

Why Choose Us?…

Our customer, while choosing us for their project, found that our combination of application knowledge and technical expertise particularly persuasive when making their decision. These qualities are of course what makes Stream Measurement the UK’s leading flowmeter provider.

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