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Stream Measurement have shared a close relationship with EMU Electronics AG for many years and have now joined forces with EMU officially as their Channel Partner for the UK – supporting EMU’s entire range of electricity meters and Gateway/Data Loggers along with their energy management and billing software.

EMU Electronic AG was formed in 1989 as a spin-off of Landis & Gyr, with the founders (Eberli and Muntwyler) having developed the world’s first digital energy and power meters. Now, with its continued growth and innovation, EMU Electronic is a leading manufacturer of digital Energy and Power Meters, Data Loggers and Software.

With rising energy costs and increasingly strict control over carbon emissions, the requirement to monitor and reduce energy use in large industrial and commercial premises is vital. This growing need also drives the desire for greater network communications and interface flexibility.

EMU’s Mbus Centre Gateway / Data logger and Joulio Management Software enable virtually any meter with a communications output (including process, water, waste, gas, heat, electricity, fuel and steam meters) to link remotely to EMU’s web based leading-edge Energy Management and Billing Solutions.

Call Stream today to learn more about how EMU Electronics solutions can assist your meter reading and energy monitoring needs.

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