Use our years of expertise

With a metering heritage dating back over 90 years, Stream Measurement are being increasingly asked to provide their knowledge to assist with customers specific flowmeter problems.

The wealth of knowledge within our team can be invaluable to our customers – whether their issue is relating to flowmeter accuracy, constant meter failure or inconsistent quality of the product they are producing.

We are increasing providing customers with onsite support, working together to resolve their production or monitoring problems as well as providing training on flowmeter technology, meter sizing or operation.

Our field engineers can undertake invaluable flowmeter commissioning programs and site surveys – whether your application is for Batch Control, Process or Energy Monitoring.

A Service Tailored to Your Specific Requirement:

  • Flowmeter Commission
  • Technology training programs
  • Onsite trouble shooting
  • Application advise
  • Flow Surveys

“As a manufacturer we really understand how flowmeters work and how they should be applied”