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Meter Calibration onboard at Invergordon Port

show meter to be calibrated

The meter inside the ship

Customer Issue

A northern port service company contacted Stream measurement for a job on a 4” Oval FU-II fuel mechanical meter in-situ testing and potential meter calibration on the supply line to tank in the Geoquip Saentis Drilling ship, that was docked in Invergordon port.

The job was a request by their customer in Mexico where the ship was planned to sail in 6 days time from the request for work, requiring a quick turnaround in response time to avoid delays.


Our solution

Master Meter for calibration on site

Stream Master Meter getting lifted onboard for testing

We were able to have our service engineer arrive onsite before the departure date and meet with the Chief engineer to plan the job, the customer requested a one point test repeating 3 times for a repeatability check using our Master Meter (RM1) that is specified for oil measurement which was driven up in our service van and then lifted on board via crane to access the meter.

The chief engineer selected a test point into the pipework up and downstream from the meter using our 4″ to 2″ reduction flanges to divert the flow from the meter to the RM1, then back to the storage tank.


After testing it was found that the Meter was within the customers tolerance levels of +/- 1%, and no further adjustment was required. After the meter calibration check had been completed Stream were able to provide a calibration certificate to the customer. This allowed the smooth departure of the vessel without delay on its way to it’s next destination in Mexico.



For more information on our on-site meter calibration services call us on 0161 622 0777  or email at

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Stream Measurement announce acquisition by JWF Process Solutions

JWF Process Solutions Ltd, engineering specialists in measurement and instrumentation products and services, has gained a UK-wide operational footprint with the acquisition of Manchester-based flow measurement specialist Stream Measurement Ltd.

Founded in 1962, JWF has UK and international customers across the Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Petrochemical sectors and counts Repsol, Chrysaor, Apache, Nestle, Diageo, Macallan, Ineos, PetroIneos and Babcock International among its client base. Stream Measurement, established in 1999 following a management buy-out from Schlumberger, covers the Utilities, Energy, Automotive, Food and Beverage and Pharma sectors, with key customers including National Grid, Centrica, Phoenix Gas, Thames Water, Boots Manufacturing, Greencore, BMW and Astra Zeneca.

The combined group will have turnover in excess of £10 million, headcount of 37, UK-wide coverage, an extended partner network, strong synergies and enables JWF to further develop its service-related activities. JWF, who moved to a new world-class facility in 2015 and also has operational bases in Aberdeen and Teesside, offers a full package of instrument and measurement solutions encompassing instrumentation, metering, flow surveys, commissioning, calibration and tank calibration.

Kenneth Fairbairn, Chief Executive of JWF Process Solutions, said: “JWF’s unique position in the market is underpinned by the partnerships we have in place with manufacturers across the globe, relationships that allow us to select the best solution to meet client expectations such as technical specifications, quality, materials, delivery timescales and cost – which are all crucial to our customer base. The acquisition of Stream Measurement gives us added strength in existing and new industry sectors, a high-quality team of people who share our customer-first focus, UK-wide reach and the opportunity to build an even stronger services division at the combined group.”

Andy Maber, Commercial Director, Stream Measurement said: “This is a very exciting time for both Stream and our customers. We are adding new products, services and increasing our geographic support, whilst the team at JWF complement our existing flowmeter expertise with their years of instrumentation and measurement experience.”

Robert Allan, Managing Director, JWF Process Solutions, said: “The markets we work in are going through a period of transformational change. Oil and Gas in the UK is seeing a number of mergers and acquisitions and the Energy and Utility markets are continuing to expand due to their requirements for increased levels of specialist metering support. The Stream acquisition further strengthens our ability to provide full turnkey measurement solutions across all markets.

Pictured left to right: Nigel Bradbury, Robert Allan, Kenneth Fairbairn, David Gemmell and Andy Maber.

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Building Project Metering

Successful Metering Projects

Stream continue to dominate the UK meter supply for new build and building refurbishment projects through their base of respected Designers, Consultants and Contractor customers.

Through 90 years of meter heritage, producing hundreds of years of expertise within their team, Stream’s technical support remains unsurpassed – with many of the UK’s top building energy specialists relying on Stream’s knowledge to ensure the right outcome to their projects where metering is required.

Supplying only the highest quality, European manufactured Water, Gas, Heat and Steam meters – Stream’s products have always been ahead of the rest. This product supply is fully supported by our engineers who are available to assist with installation queries or technical requirements – particularly relevant with the ever-growing compliance regulation and vast range of communications interfaces.

The service we provide our customers is very much a supply partnership – from the start our customers have a dedicated, experienced, engineer who will understand your business, goals and solution preferences. Working at the very start of the project to advise the correct meter size and to assist with the most appropriate meter technology for the specific application – all with the focus of ensuring a successful outcome to your project.

What else would you expect from the UK’s longest established metering company?

Why not experience Stream’s metering know how today and get introduced to your dedicated meter expert?

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Complete Flowmeter Accuracy Assurance

Calibration Service Ensures Production Accuracy

Accuracy of your installed flowmeter is only part your true system accuracy – in 80% of cases the inaccuracy of flowmeters are due to installation effects such as disturbances from valves, lacking straight pipe-lengths. Stream Measurement calibration services account for that – ensuring nothing within the pipe is effecting the meter accuracy.

Stream Measurement provide a unique on-site service to our customers that offers true in-situ flowmeter testing – saving the need for removing the flowmeter from its installation and saving cost.

Most competitors would either carryout electronic verification of the flowmeter – which just checks for electronic drift within the instrument, not taking into account any installation effects. Other calibration companies remove the flowmeter from its pipe, checking this on water without taking into account any effects from the installation that could affect the meters accuracy.

Since our service involves keeping the flowmeter in its pipe – diverting the application fluid through our test equipment and either back into the application of to a collecting vessel. This means not only the flowmeter is checked for accuracy, but also the entire installation – ensuring nothing within the pipe is effecting the meter accuracy. This also saves the customer the cost of removing the flowmeter and the works can be undertaken whilst the customer continues production.

Stream’s in-situ flowmeter test can also be undertaken between customers production runs, or even during a production run – also saving downtime and lost productivity.

Stream’s test equipment is fully certified, ensuring full verification traceability and known uncertainties, whilst our equipment is suitable for use within safe and hazardous areas.

Why Choose Us?…

With over 90 years of flowmeter heritage, Stream’s calibration engineers are true experts in their field and can advise on the correct flowmeter installation, system improvements and ways to improve accuracy.

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Gas Meter Accuracy Assured

Fiscally Certified Calibration from the Meter Experts

The success of gas consumption monitoring relies on the accuracy of the gas meter – the key element of your system.

Stream Measurement own one of only three fiscally certified gas meter test facilities in the UK which provides our customers with a low cost, quick return calibration service to verify the accuracy of any manufacturers gas meter.

Using state of the art control to maintain consistently accurate test data, Stream’s calibration facility ensures the highest level of calibration from a company that really understand flow meters.

Formerly part of the Schlumberger group, with have a number of high accuracy test rigs to verify gas meters from sizes 20mm to 400mm.

Previously a service offered only to our gas Utility customers for fiscal verification – the facility is now available to all of our customers – and is provides an ideal facility to maintain compliance with CHPQA.

With over 90 years of flowmeter heritage, Stream’s calibration engineers are true experts in their field and can undertake gas meters repairs whilst providing a range of consultancy services.

  • True flowmeter experts with 90 years of meter heritage
  • Fiscally certified services – fully traceable
  • Gas meter sizes 20mm to 400mm – any meter technology
  • Return to factory service

Read More on Our Gas Meter Calibration Services

Why Choose Us?…

Our customer, while choosing us for their project, found that our combination of application knowledge and technical expertise particularly persuasive when making their decision. These qualities are of course what makes Stream Measurement the UK’s leading flowmeter provider.

So why not get in touch today?

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Stream for Steam

Steam flowmeter that requires virtually no straight pipe

Introducing the new generation of Smart Steam Meter that enables the measurement of steam volume, Mass and Steam Energy – without the need for any additional flow computer.

Uniquely manufactured by ABB and available from Stream Measurement, the FSS450 Swirl flowmeter can be installed with the shortest of pipework due to its immunity to flow disturbances – enabling significant installation cost savings, whilst also offering lower pressure drops than other steam flowmeters.

Typically, Vortex flowmeters require a minimum of 15D upstream and 10D downstream – not so with the FSS450 Swirl which requires lengths as short as 3D upstream and 2D downstream.

With inbuilt intelligence, the FSS450 enables a single instrument to provide and monitor all the parameters required to fully comply with the RHI requirement – including Steam Volume, Mass and Energy – previously this could only be achieved by purchasing a flowmeter and steam mass flow computer.

  • RHI & CHP QA Compliant
  • Volume, Mass and Energy Measurement
  • Steam temperatures up to 450degC
  • Inbuilt Steam Tables and Temperature Sensor – no additional instruments required
  • Special Sensor design – resilient to pipe noise
  • Integrated 4-20mA + Pulse + Hart communications
  • NAMUR Diagnostics
  • Supplied pre-configured for your application

Why Choose Us?…

Our customer, while choosing us for their project, found that our combination of application knowledge and technical expertise particularly persuasive when making their decision. These qualities are of course what makes Stream Measurement the UK’s leading flowmeter provider.

So why not get in touch today?

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Metering Gin for a Well Respected Artisan Gin Producer

Raising Spirits…

Recently, Stream worked with a well respected artisan Gin producer who was looking for a solution to measuring the volume of spirit being added to their unique selection of Gins.

We were of course more than up for the task, even if a free bottle wasn’t on the cards! Our flow meter experts set to work by combining the Unipulse UP200M flow meter with a battery powered F012 flow rate indicator and totaliser. This ultimately provided the portable flow meter solution our customer was looking for.

Read more

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Stream Reinforce their Relationship with EMU Electronics AG

Stream Measurement have shared a close relationship with EMU Electronics AG for many years and have now joined forces with EMU officially as their Channel Partner for the UK – supporting EMU’s entire range of electricity meters and Gateway/Data Loggers along with their energy management and billing software.

Read more