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Sensus PolluCom® E Thermal Energy Meter

For over 12 years Stream Measurement have supplied the Sensus PolluCom® E heat meter system, during which time many thousands of these meters have been installed throughout the UK.

Very low cost and exceptional reliability make the PolluCom® E ideal for use in district heating programs and within commercial heating systems.
The Pollucom E can be purchased as a heat only, cooling only, or combined heat and cooling energy meter.  In the case of the latter the switchover point between heating and cooling energy metering is programmable, even after installation.

PolluCom E is available with a range of reading and data communication modules, including:

Mbus (to EN 1434-3) – with an unlimited number of readouts & play interface for radio reading systems

Mini-Bus for use with Touch Pad Reading systems or as a plug & play interface for radio reading systems

M-Bus (to EN 1434-3) or Mini-Bus with two inputs for consumption meters with remote reading pulse output


  • Meets the requirements of EN 1434 (MID MI004) Class2
  • Temperature range of the flow sensor from 5 to 90 °C, thus also ideal for cooling applications
  • Integrated Datalogging option
  • Option of Removable Calculator for ease of installation and operation
  • Fast updating of measuring values (2 seconds for temperatures, 4 seconds for heating output and flow rate)
  • Standard optical interface
  • Tariff function for differentiated consumption billing (e.g. in dependency on heating output)