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The control unit featured on the program was a F012 flowrate totaliser giving both a total measurement and flowrate


If you’re a fan of BBC’s programme inside the factory and watched their latest episode “Liqueurs” you not only would of found out about how to create and age whiskey but also have noticed a cameo appearance from some Stream measurement meters!

Explaining the process of producing Baileys Cream at the Diageo factory in Dublin show host Gregg Wallace is speaking to the Distillery manager in the casking section of the process, talking about how whiskey gets its colour. The pumps used are attached to a stream batch control system with our F 012 flowrate totaliser which can show total flow and flowrate (which is actually connected to our Unipulse flowmeter) showing them and viewers how it is measuring how much is going in whilst discussing barrel filling.

The Stream unipulse range

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